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Web Design Tips For Better Business Prospects

You are solely responsible for the quality of your company’s website. Therefore, it is up to you to ensure it is attractive to potential customers. If you have been in the Internet marketing industry for a while, you know that ranking on page one is one the most difficult things one can do. However, having a neatly designed site is a recipe for success. To get the right design, consider working with professional web designers. Before that, here are web design practices that will transform your site.

Make your site responsive

The Internet is faced with lots of changes. One significant sadAASDSDtrend is the increase in the number of mobile or smart phone users on the net. As such, how smart-phone users view your site influences how Google ranks your website. As such, modern web designer use a responsive design that detects the screen size of the device and present the page in the best way.

Use small images

Images are a great way to enhance the aesthetics of any site. However, using large images can make the page to load slowly, which reduces the SEO score. Considering that most Internet users are not patient enough to see a page low, you should consider using small sized images. In this regard, always resize or compress images before using them.

Enable caching

What is page caching? Cashing is simply a way of storing some pages once someone accesses a site. Enabling caching reduces your site’s load time considering that your site does not have to reload the entire page. When designing a site, you need to enable caching and determine how long the page can be cached. Caching reduces your site’s loading time and improves your SEO scores.

sddcfDSsDMake your site easy to use

SEO is not always about using the right keywords. Parts of your rankings are determined by the experience you provide anyone who visits your site. As such, the pages should be relevant, the content should be relevant, and it should be easy to navigate through your website.

A business website serves many purposes. Most importantly, it acts the display or marketing tool for the company. To ensure it addresses this goal comprehensively, it is advisable to design it with SEO in mind. In case you are not sure of how you will go about this, you should consider working with Shane Perry Web Design. With this team of experts, your site will generate more traffic and fresh leads.